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It was our plan to put up an overview of the economic situation in Belarus at this place, but it is not possible to get reliable figures because of the present situation. Instead you can use some of the web sites we have linked to below, to get the newest information.

Belarus Magic News Guidelines
Detailed, in-depth, and specific information, commentaries, and briefs on political, economic, cultural, and Human Rights situation, or any other issues in Belarus.

Belarus Now
Information and Analytical Bulletin; Politics. Economics. Finances.

With Flags, Maps and its People, Economy, Geography, Government, News and the Weather.

Belarusian Market
Weekly business newspaper.

For businessmen and specialists in construction.

Minsk News
News from Belarus.

Welcome to Minsk Economic News
This newspaper is for all people who are interested in Belarus.

WWW Belarus Global Internet Journal from Byelorussia
Byelorussian Business & Economy; Culture & Church Investment proposition from Byelorussian enterprises & businessmen and all Byelorussia.

The Vecherny Minskt newspaper
Digest of articles november 1997 - july 1998.

Maps, Weather, News, Information, Links, and Sites on Belarus

Minsk In Your PocketŪ
Travel guide to Minsk

The Virtual Guide to Belarus.


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